Create a cohesive social media experience for Google for Education’s representation at the ISTE 2015 conference.
The Google for Education space at the ISTE 2015 conference was full of excitement with custom teaching theater talks lead by Googlers, demonstrations of a fun new tool called Expeditions, and a help center to answer questions. Social media was used to capture all of the excitement in one central place as well as serving as a hub of information. A unique social media design was used by Google for Education to represent their presence at the conference. The design used the four iconic Google colors in a structured grid system that reflected the branding of the conference. The usage of the grid allowed for uniformity, while the layouts created within the grid allowed each post remain exciting. The usage of the grid within the design allowed each post to remain exciting, yet feel uniform to the other posts from the conference.
Follow this link to view other pieces from the G+ collection. https://plus.google.com/collection/IT54e
All work shown here was created for Google for Education while employed at M Booth.

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