Redesign the website for an affinity brand and create a mobile app that enhances the customer experience.
The strong and powerful essence that comes from the legendary Jeep company is the driving force for the redesign of the website. Featuring the iconic grill of each model, the website showcases the history of the Jeep brand as well providing viewers with practical buying information. To simplify the content of the website, the vehicle details of each model unfolds expand as the viewer scrolls through the page. 
The Jeep Challenge app allows Jeep drivers to compete with other drivers on the trail. Users upload new trails, create challenges for their trails, and establish the original trail time that other drivers try to beat. To advance in the leader board, drivers move from “1st gear” towards “5th gear” by earning brag points. Successfully completing challenges and beating a best trail time earns brag points and allows drivers to improve their position in the leader board. 

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