Adapt the dinner menu at Page's Okra Grill to a single page layout with easily identifiable sections.
Previous to this menu, the dinner service at Page's used a menu book with multiple pages that required guests to flip through several pages to search the menu. To eliminate the continual page turning, this layout has only two sides and has intentionally placed items in close proximity to relevant items. For example, the beverage choices sit next to the appetizer section of the menu so that guests can find their immediately needs upon sitting. On the back of the page, the selection of sides are conveniently close to the entree choices that allow dinners to choose their own sides. Wherever the guest is in the ordering process, relevant items are close on the menu. In addition to the purposefully placement, the menu uses the branding of Page's Okra Grill including color palette, typography, and local imagery that emphasizes their Southern roots.
All work shown here was created for Page's Okra Grill while employed at 12pt Creative.

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